Cook Along with Chef Jenny Dorsey

This week, we hosted a virtual cook along with Chef Jenny Dorsey and 14 of our VIP customers. 

Inside Chef Jenny’s dreamy kitchen, she guided attendees with a step-by-step tutorial on how to make her delicious tomato sauce. Jenny, a professional chef and food writer, also leads a nonprofit community organization named Studio ATAO, and offers culinary consulting and recipe development.

Jenny opened up the conversation, and spoke to her nonprofit work. A focus, she said, is on the intersection of food, art and social impact, with an exploration on the relationship between food and identity – fascinating.

She then dove right into the recipe, all the while instructing the class, and dropping TONS of food knowledge, tips and fun facts: pink pepper is related to cashews, hello! Did you know that salt enhances the sugar flavor – a complimentary duo. Were you aware that you can freeze fresh pasta dough up to three months? Now we know.

Jenny broke this all down, while bringing the heat and serving up the sizzles, spices and blends. Everyone’s culinary art piece came to life over the stove and a delightful conversation. Viola, dinner was served (through Zoom, of course!).

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*Chef Jenny Dorsey has written for outlets such as VICE, Eater, Serious Eats, Food & Wine and Narratively and often speaks on the topic of food and identity. She most recently gave her first TEDx Talk titled "How Food Can Be A Source of Identity, Intimacy and Vulnerability."

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