Current Conversations: Q&A with Chantel Mayo

Handle: @Mrsmayo51
Occupation: Cosmetologist, haircare guru, creative cook, and event curator
Location:  New England, MA


My name is Chantel Mayo. I'm a wife and mother of four. When I'm not mommin' soo hard, I spend my time being creative. I am the owner and designer of a children's clothing store. I'm also an event designer and florist. However, my happy place is in my kitchen with my family filling everyone's bellies up with a home-cooked 5-star meal.

Please tell us a bit about where you grew up and where you currently live?

I was born in Trinidad and Tobago, and I was raised in Boston, MA.

A multi-hyphenate and owner of several businesses (The Brand Finale and CM Creative Experience): Can you talk about the drive behind your entrepreneurial spirit, and how your interests unfolded?

My family drives me. With my husband going from an NFL Linebacker to an NFL coach, a lot is demanded of me on the home front, and I welcome the challenge. However, one of my priorities has always been maintaining a sense of self and keeping some goals of my own to tackle. Especially since 3 of 4 of my kids are little girls, they need to see that moms can do more than bear babies. You can also be boss, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and anything else you want to be if you work towards it. My son also loves seeing his mommy get to business, and I hope he looks for that quality in his future wife.

How do you balance these many roles, specifically during a pandemic?

Balancing has been challenging during this pandemic, especially with the added stress of homeschooling. What I've found helps me is waking up super early and getting a good workout/meditation before waking my children up. When it comes to working, I'm trying to unlearn the lousy habit of scrolling social media and redirecting my energy to my work checklist or some reading.

Biggest lesson learned from motherhood?

My kids are my most prominent teachers. As much as we prepare and seek advice about parenthood and things related to them, the answers are in our homes. Also, I'm not useful to them if I'm not fair to myself. Here's a comparison that I always use. While flying, a flight attendant reminds you to put on your mask first before helping your neighbor. It's no different for your children or anyone you love. Self-care fills your cup so you can pour into your babies little cups; once you neglect yourself, everyone around you is at risk of the effects of that. You can't pour from an empty cup.

Favorite dish to cook for a) breakfast b) a dinner party or celebration c) for your loved ones?

Chicken and waffles —all in different ways! I've made chicken and waffle mini bites, skewers and sandwiches. When I love a specific food, I go out of my way to revamp it or break it down. So, that would be my choice or one of my cultural dishes like Roti.

Dream event?

Coachella//Revolve Festival would be a dream to me. As much as I love attending, I can't even

fathom how much of a creative orgasm it must be to plan it, whoa!! Also, I know the budget has

to unlock a whole. A new level of creativity. That would be a dream come true for me!

One thing you wish for?

A strong team. As a family, we have so many goals and dreams, and I wear so many hats that it's tough to go after them all. Not to mention, we're an army as is LOL! I look forward to having a strong team to help me manage and increase productivity while focusing on the actual work.

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