Current Conversations: Q&A with Frankie Mark-Nancy Gomez

Instagram: @fancygomez / @femmecre8tive
Occupation: photographer / model
Location: Los Angeles

Managing life during quarantine:

As a photographer, how have you stayed creative or motivated –– what does that look like? 
I’ve stayed creative by editing things that I never had time for, watching films and documentaries of directors I love. I’ve stayed motivated by collaborating with my ladies doing Femme Talks for @femmecre8tive 

Have you found support and opportunities from other female creatives? 
Yes, always. I have a pretty wonderful community of talented and incredible women with Femme Cre8tive –– even YOS! I had so much fun shooting your summer campaign. 

Where do you go to get most inspired?
Desert and the ocean 

Can you talk about Femme Cre8tive and discuss three takeaways since you founded the company.
Femme Cre8tive is a community and platform for female creatives around the world! We are also a production company focused on fashion, beauty and lifestyle shoots. My takeaways would be to stand firmly in your power and trust yourself. Stay open: You never know what or who will inspire you –– celebrate all victories no matter how small. 

If you could meet one photographer from the past, who would it be?
Irving Penn: he really started everything. He’s the God Father of photography and his work is so beautiful. I got to see his exhibition in Paris and I cried. 

What do you miss the most since isolation? And how do you overcome these moments?
I really miss NY and my friends there. I talk to them often. Also, I really miss a good MASSAGE!!! I try to use massage balls but I can’t wait for a proper massage –– at least for 2 hours, at least. 


Do you have a beauty, health or wellness routine?
I like to keep things simple: I wash my face in the morning and night. I like a heavy moisturizer at all times! I use sunscreen in the daytime if I am going to be outside. I love to do DIY masks –– egg white and honey masks are crazy good for your skin, and leaves my skin bright and hydrated. 

I like to work out at least 3x a week with @danieladibfitness –– she’s the best work out on the gram or jump rope! I have bad weeks sometimes though and that’s okay. On really good weeks, I will do 5x. I HAVE to sleep at least 8 hours, any less and I feel like a zombie. 

When do you feel most beautiful?
 In the morning when I wake up and have had a really good night sleep...When I am happy inside... When my song comes on...When I am around my tribe. 

Would you rather have a pedicure or manicure?
Pedicure for sure. I really miss manicures too! 

What do you turn to for entertainment:

Music or podcast, or both? 
Music ALWAYS! And probably loud lol especially in my car Megan Thee Stallion is my favorite, Texas baby! Travis Scott & Jackboys album has a lot of tunes (Texas again!) And my Little Dragon Pandora station when I am editing.

For podcasts I really love NPR TED Radio Hour - they have so many cool episodes about how our brain works, why we do things –– human behavior is fascinating.

Books or movies? 
I just finished “The Mastery of Love,” “The Book of Joy,” and I just watched “Casino” for the first time –– so good, “Kill Bill” 1 & 2 and I love “True Romance,” and recently rewatched “Malena” –– such a beautiful film! 

A favorite song you sing to yourself? 
Probably a song by Bob Marley, Dawn Penn, Selena or Celia Cruz!l 

Historical icon?
Sophia Loren, just wow. Angelina Jolie, I will faint if I ever meet her. She’s always been so inspiring to me! 

Always, anywhere and time 

Favorite workout?
Pilates on the reformer, and during quarantine @DanielaDibFitness has been everything! She’s so incredible and strong. She boosts my energy level with her strength and positivity. Honestly, everyone should take her class on her live! She’s the best on the gram. 

Importance of women empowerment?
STRONGER TOGETHER. There is nothing like the magic created between a female tribe. 


City you grew up in?
Dallas and NYC 

What’s special about Los Angeles?
Desert, Ocean, Mountains 

Plans post-quarantine?
Fly to NYC and be in my city again, go to Adoro Lei and eat the fried pizza, and then go to Lure and eat sushi (the same day). Grab my besties and go to the CARIBBEAN ASAP. Hug my family –– I miss them all so much and go to El Salvador with them –– just all the cuddles, travel and food with my favorite humans. 

If you could share one message with our audience, what would it be?
Like my mom says in her thick Latin accent, ‘ENJOY JORRR LIFE!!!!’ It’s a short ride, enjoy it. Honor your heart always.

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