Current Conversations: Q&A with Jordyn Rolling

Occupation: Jordyn Rolling
Occupation: Correspondent and producer for Billboard, NBC, and BET
Location: New York

Please share where you grew up, your interests early on and what led you to storytelling?
I grew up in a small mountain town in Utah called Eden. And since there wasn't much to do aside from hanging out with nature — my imagination ran wild. It sounds cheesy, but you could say I was destined to become a storyteller. When my nose wasn't buried in a book, I was writing songs, pretending to be someone else, or journaling. I even started a class newsletter in 6th grade. At an early age, I think I just fell in love with words and the impact they can have when strung together in a meaningful way. Plus, I realized that at the core of every good story is a compelling character. That's why I pursued journalism and never strayed away from acting. 

Can you talk about your role/work with Billboard News, as well as NBC and BET –– and the stories you cover/craft.
I'm currently the host and producer of Billboard News. When I'm not on a red carpet covering an event or an awards show, I'm reporting on the latest in music or crafting micro documentaries about up-and-coming artists. I'm also a lifestyle correspondent for NBC, which is a lot of fun. I get to connect with my community and spotlight small businesses that are providing entertainment or giving back. Since I moved to New York City back in 2015, I've produced content for BET, Vice, and Mic.Com among many others. 

Some of your favorite interviews, and why?
As much as I've loved crossing paths with household names like Mariah Carey, Wu-Tang Clan, Spike Lee and Will Smith, I think I prefer the "little guys." It was humbling to interview Trayvon Martin's parents for BET. And most recently, for Billboard I sat down with DaniLeigh who was just so down-to-earth and grateful. I also appreciated my time with Anderson Paak. I could just tell his character is solid. 

Favorite literary works? 
These days I'm either reading a film script or studying to write my own, but I love a good self-help book, an autobiography, or anything by James Baldwin. I really appreciated Sidney Poitier's The Measure of a Man. I love, love The Alchemist and The Untethered Soul. Also, a really easy read is Vibrate Higher Daily by Lala Delia. And back in jr. high I read George Orwell's Animal Farm and can't seem to forget about it. 

Any health and wellness tips? 
Most people don't realize that wellness is incredibly multidimensional. There's not only physical and emotional wellness that we have to worry about, there's also spiritual, environmental, social, intellectual and career. That's a lot of pressure. Be kind to yourself if you're falling short in one or more of those areas. We're living through traumatic and abnormal times. Just be gentle with your spirit and that of others. Meditate, read books, drink tons of water, laugh with your loved ones, chase your dreams, and move your body when you can. I also believe it's important to get away from technology and get back to nature. It's healing. Seek solitude and really get to know yourself. Oh, and I love my therapist. 

What causes are important to you? 

I'm passionate about mentoring underserved youth and empowering women. I'm absolutely a feminist. Also, Black Lives Matter. Period. 

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