Current Conversations: Q&A with Kenzie Burke

Kenzie Burke
Podcaster and holistic health coach


Did you have an “aha” moment when you decided to change your life’s path?

To be honest–– my ‘awakening’ truly came to me when I read The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. The book was too much for me (at the time) and it really frustrated me. BUT it made me realize that I was NOT the voice inside my head. Those were my thoughts. & I was my soul. It sounds woo-woo, but when I learnt this…everything shifted. From there, my life’s path changes daily. Transformation is my life’s work and life’s path.

How do you prioritize self care?

I TRULY take care of my well-being. And I don’t take it lightly. My primary aim each and everyday is myself. The whole, real, abundant foods I eat, the content I consume, the daily practice of pilates, breathing, checking in with my intuition.

I prioritize myself over any and everything. I believe it’s the most important thing one could do for themselves AND the people around them. When you are at your best, that transmutes an energy that is well received by the world.

Do you have a sleep routine? Or bed time routine?

Most evenings, I do a little wind-down yoga or pilates flow. Something short & sweet, but I find it lovely. I make a hot cup of tea…& that’s about it.

The mornings, however. I go all in. I need structure, and I have structured my morning to give myself the space and nourishment it needs. It sets the tone for my day and if I don’t give myself this space in the morning, I find it affects all aspects of my life (including my sleep).

In the morning I:
Wake up, drink water & make myself a cup of my biodynamic coffee (launching so soon!). I then read my Bondi Guru horoscope and journal for at least 15 minutes. I let my pen flow. This is a massive brain dump for me and is something I truly need as my mind is always on. Then, I meditate. Some days I resist meditations, but I get SO much goodness from giving my soul a space to show me my truth. After I meditate, I hop on my mat and do a pilates flow. Then, I make a bowl of abundant fruits, another coffee, & after I eat, I am ready for my day (& turning on my phone).

Any advice for others who are seeking a change in their life direction but may not know how to start?

START. Right here, right now. So many of us wait for that juice cleanse to work. For the voice in our head to stop talking. For the relationship they desire. The results and change you are seeking is found in the LITTLE things you are doing (& thinking about) each and everyday.

Change begins the moment you become aware of what you desire to change. If that may be the way you eat–– then make the conscious choice to change what you eat for breakfast, today. And adapt to that. Turn it into a daily practice. This will become your routine. What you eat for breakfast becomes your lifestyle.

Transformation is a ripple effect. Once you begin, it’s near impossible to stop. Start right here, right now.

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