Current Conversations: Q&A with Melissa Garcia

Handle: @itsmelissagarcia
Occupation: Model and Mommy
Location: Miami 

Can you share a bit about yourself
Currently living in beautiful Miami, and a full-time mommy.

While being pregnant during quarantine, were there any new challenges or obstacles you faced?
Omg, where to start... There are pros and cons to everything. I sadly couldn’t do a baby shower because it was in the very beginning of Covid and parties and gatherings were prohibited. This left me a bit sad, but on the other hand, it inspired me to investigate and learn how to connect with my baby from the womb. I did this by watching documentaries, reading, and getting myself prepared for my baby boy.

Any newfound hobbies since quarantine or something you have since let go?
I’ve been trying new things in the kitchen with healthy recipes. Also, I’m a gym addict so thank God I have a beautiful gym at my condo.

Has your connection to your body or outlook on body image changed since motherhood?
Yes! I only admire it more! It’s incredible how our bodies shift to create a new life!

Any advice to young mothers on creating balance or routine?
Sleep when your baby sleeps, and enjoy every single moment of your baby because they grow so fast.

Is there a workout or go-to activity that helps you deal with stress?
The stair master and perfect músic does the trick.

What do you like to do when you have time (even a few minutes) to yourself?
A long shower — it’s incredible how you underestimate “me time.”

Any last advice to the YOS community?
I think as women, we should always dedicate a little time to ourselves. At least one-hour a day, either for reading, relaxing, yoga or gym — and if it’s wearing YOS swag, the better— you’ll feel fearless!

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