Current Conversations: Q&A with Rachael Russell of Style Saves

Instagram: @rachel.russell
Occupation: founder, @stylsaves
Location: Miami

Please share a bit about yourself: where you grew up and how Style Saves began.
The idea for Style Saves came about in 2011, when I was taking my little brothers back-to-school shopping for new outfits and school supplies. At the time, I was a stylist and was always trying out different philanthropic opportunities, but never really connected with one or felt like I was utilizing my skills or resources. 

While I was out shopping with my brother, I started to think about the kids I went to school with who weren't able to buy new supplies or clothes for the upcoming school year and realized that styling kids for back-to-school would be a great charity.  

I think everyone can relate to that anxious, excited feeling you get when it’s time to start the new year and what it would mean to give everyone an even playing field by providing them with the fundamental necessities they need for the academic year. 

Helping others has always been really important to me and I’ve always felt that fashion could serve a greater purpose through philanthropy. It was a really simple idea and people could easily connect with the cause and they naturally gravitated towards it. 

Can you talk about Style Saves, and how it serves different populations, specifically the youth? 

Style Saves is an organization founded in Miami that raises funds to provide underprivileged students and families with necessities for school, prom, graduation, holiday, disaster relief, international service trips and more. 

We really paved the way for fashion companies looking to give back. We’ve given them a network to distribute excess inventory in a really impactful way. I like to think that we opened their eyes to the influence they have. When you have a big platform, it comes with responsibility. Speaking up for those who can’t should always be a priority. The fashion industry has a huge voice, as well as the supplies and the financial means to really make an impact on the world.  

What is the Community Coalition component?
Our mission is to unite fashion with philanthropy. Combining a talented, diverse community that shares a love for humanitarianism, Style Saves aims at inspiring a fresh generation to make an impact. 

The Community Collection, a clothing line by Isabela Grutman and Style Saves, is a charity-focused brand established in Miami, Florida. We are inspired by what motivates us constantly to dedicate our time and effort to serving the community. 

100% of proceeds raised from our line directly benefit underprivileged children locally and globally to assist with the expenses of going back to school with new clothing, uniforms, shoes, accessories and school supplies; helping high school students attend their prom by providing dresses, tuxes, shoes, hair and makeup services; and to support our international mission trips and disaster relief efforts.

How can one get involved and sponsor students?
You can sign up to volunteer or donate to the cause on our website

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