Current Conversations: Q&A with Stylist Danasia Sutton

Instagram: @danasia_sutton | @coolgirlsdothings
Occupation: Stylist
Location: Los Angeles

Can you share a bit about where you grew up and how you got into styling
I grew up in NJ until I was 13, and lived in Dallas until the age of 18. I’ve always been into fashion since I was very young. When I graduated high school, I moved back east. By the time I was 21, I started working at VFiles in NYC and that is essentially how I got my start into styling.

Stand-out moments/ projects
One of my stand-out moments has to be when I was asked to help style for Yeezy Season 3. There were over 1,200 models that needed to be styled, and there was about 12 of us styling –– we also had interns to help. It was the biggest production I had ever been on. Also my first 'real' check (or what I had thought was a real check at the time.) I was just honored to be apart of something that was so major at the time.

Can you talk about your IG account @coolgirlsdothings and the messaging behind it
@coolgirlsdothings started out last year when I was in a really depressed state. It was basically meant to get myself out of the dark. I figured there are so many women in the industry that need a little boost to get them through the day, so I decided to make a page about it. I plan to do more; it’s just a difficult time right now with everything going on –– making a stronger comeback!

Can you speak about navigating your career during quarantine
For me, work has for the most part come to a halt...with the exception of a few jobs here and there. I’ve just been trying my best to focus on more important things during this time. Specifically, trying to share as much information I can pertaining to black lives and defunding the police.

Maintaining a sense of style during quarantine: Have you found it is important, or have you leaned towards routine, activities and other new found hobbies?
At the beginning of quarantine, I would work out everyday and get dressed up. Maybe, I would make a Tik-tok or two, but as time progressed that's definitely not the story. However, I do have a lot more time to Facetime my five-month-old niece who lives in TX...def one of the highlights of my everyday routine. If I am being 100% transparent, I’m just focused on making it through the day haha. Everything seems like it is slowly getting back to normal, so I’m ready to get back into the groove of things.

During this awakening current, as we build a movement for change, how do you think the fashion industry will position into a more positive, inclusive and responsible direction?
I’m assuming that brands will do the obvious thing and hire more black and non-black POC. However, I’m really hoping that not only will they hire, but also pay like the same amount as they would someone else that they’d normally hire for that position. Also hoping this last moving forward and not just in the moment.

Favorite color/prints to wear?
I love wearing pops of colors! At one point I would wear all black, it was pretty depressing. I find when I wear pops of colors it makes me a bit happier and motivated to navigate through the day.

Favorite era?
I love the 90s and Early 2000’s, natural beauty was accepted and the fashion from street wear to the runway was *chef’s kiss.*

Favorite genres of music/playlist is most motivating to workout to? 
I like to listen to hip-hop and rap while working out, it gets me pumped.

What's next for Danasia?
We will just have to wait and see


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