Current Conversations: Q&A with Michelle Siman

Handle: @SimanSays

How was Lemon Water conceived, and what type of topics do you discuss?
I always had a passion for radio and hosting growing up, creating a podcast based around wellness is what felt right for me! 

Meaning behind the name?
Growing up before I'd head to school my mom would always give me hot water with lemon! The concept is simple but does wonders for our body.

Surprising challenges as a host/producer of your own podcast?
When I started the podcast back in 2017, there wasn’t a whole ton of information out there on how to actually create a podcast. I was reaching out to a lot of different people who were complete strangers asking for production and equipment help! It got overwhelming at times. 

Can you point to a few goals with Lemon Water?
I’d love to continue doing what I’m doing with the podcast! I’m currently working on a fun little tool for my community that I won’t share too much about just yet! But also collaborating with some of my favorite brands on a few products would be nice.

Can you please describe the positive contributions nature can have on your well-being.
These past couple months I had the opportunity and privilege to spend a lot more time outside by taking hikes and visiting different sites with my roommates –– spending this time outdoors in nature helped me with my stress and anxiety levels. I always encourage others if they have the ability and opportunity to make an effort to spend time outside. 

Favorite camping or outdoor story?
Every moment I got to spend outdoors this summer specifically meant a lot to me. We often take for granted the privileges we have –– this year was a reminder to not only slow down but to also appreciate all of life's simple pleasures that we may have taken for granted. With that being said, the small hikes and walks that my roommates and I got to go on were so special.

Check out her latest episode here @itslemonwater

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