Current Conversations: Q&A with Whitney Dosty

How did you get into sports, specifically volleyball?
Growing up was always involved in sports, but really connected with ballet. I was a ballet dancer for 13 years before getting into volleyball. Going into my junior year of highschool, I decided to try out for the volleyball team. I had played a little when I was younger and already had the height — I was around 6'2 then, and wanted to do something team related. That was when I first started to take volleyball seriously.

Experience on the USA Women's Sitting National Volleyball team?
Playing with the USA Women's Sitting National Team has been such a journey for me and so exciting. I was an indoor volleyball player for many years and played professionally for 5 seasons before I had an ankle injury that took me out of the indoor game. I have been so blessed to find sitting volleyball and continue my love for the sport. My most fun times with the team have been when we are traveling and creating memories.

How have you been training during quarantine?
During quarantine I've been doing very low impact training and lots of band work. I have been embracing the pause from how I would typically train and focusing on my body's function and health. I have been doing much more stretching and bodyweight exercises. I am a lover of indoor cycling, so it was hard not being able to cycle for a while. My cycling studio @revolvecycling was awesome during this time and rented bikes out and more recently have held outdoor classes.

Outside of volleyball, what other projects, hobbies and businesses are you involved with?
Outside of volleyball, I am a fashion designer and business owner. I design swimwear for women with longer torsos and my company is called Wavelength Swimwear (@wavelengthswimwear). I love encouraging women and want them to feel beautiful and confident in swimsuits that fit. Growing up tall, I always struggled to find clothes that fit and resonated with my style.

Where do you go when you have time to relax?
When I have time to relax my new favorite place to go is Sedona, Arizona. It's unreal and so peaceful.

What book has made a lasting impression on you?
“Vibrate Higher Daily,” by Lalah Delia

What show or series have you binge-watched recently?
Right now, I am binge-watching "GIRLFRIENDS." I am so excited Netflix is now streaming it after 20 years.

Can you describe your style in two words?
Eclectic & Elegant

Any health tips you’d like to share?
My top health tips are listen to your body, drink lots of water and try to get quality sleep. I am trying to do better at these everyday.

What’s next?
Launching Wavelength Swimwear— stay tuned!

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