Get Summer Set with a YOS Road Trip

Year of Ours is kicking off the sunshine season with our Summer Set Tour across four states! Heading out with Hum Nutrition for a fitness-focused road trip, we'll be partnering with workout studios in LA, Austin, Dallas, Denver and Las Vegas, to get you ready for summer. From spin to sculpt, pilates and boot camps of all kind, #TeamYOS will soon be taking over a class near you! We're ready to show up, set up shop (hello pastels and neons!), and dole out some amazing free gifts to all our new friends. 

Ready? Summer Set. Go!

Wednesday April 24th - Los Angeles, CA - Hot Pilates 
YOS X HUM Class 7:15pm Class 

Wednesday April 24th - Austin, TX - Crush Fitness
Pop-up shop 6am to Noon 
YOS X HUM class 7:15am

Thursday April 25th
 - Austin, Texas - TruFusion 
YOS x HUM Class 6:30pm Cycle 

Friday April 26th - Dallas, Texas - SculptHouse  
Shopping event 1pm to 5pm (gift with purchase)

Saturday April 27th
 - Dallas, Texas - Class Studios
Pop-up 8am to 1pm
YOX x HUM class 10:30am 

Monday April 29th - Denver, CO - Fierce 45
Pop-up 1030 to 130pm
YOS X HUM Classes 11am and 12pm

Tuesday April 30th - Denver, CO - Transform
Pop-up 6am to 1030am
YOS x HUM Classes 9am and 9:15am  

Thursday May 2nd- Las Vegas, NV - Tru Fusion Blue Diamond
Pop-up 1pm to 3:30pm
YOS x Hum 2pm class