#MeetTheTeam: Bec Donlan

Handle: @sweatwithbec
Occupation: Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Health Coach
Location: Los Angeles



Who are You? 

My name is Bec Donlan, I’m an Aussie transplant, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, hype girl & health coach. I created Sweat with Bec just 10yrs ago, the idea behind it was creating fitness for the real person, the person who loves to workout and maybe drink tequila on the weekends, normalizing that it’s ok to do both and you can have a balanced life. At the time it killed me that fitness had an all-or-nothing approach and it wasn’t realistic or relatable. So Sweat with Bec was born, holistic wellness with a whole lotta sass.

What is Your YOS go-to Style?

Live in it to workout and love that it’s just as chic on the street!

Favorite Workout?

Bands bands bands ofc but also love jump rope and anything on a megaformer

What's Your Go-To Healthy Snack or Meal?

Dr Praegars veggie burger air fried til its super crispy topped with avo & chill flakes, basically an avo toast but on a veggie burger instead, it’s delishhhh.

What are Your 3 Morning Non-Negotiables?

1. Cuddles with my dog Cashew

2. Coffee

3. Ice Roll Mah Face

Who is Your Style Icon?

Maeve Reilly aka @StylemeMaeve


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