#MeetTheTeam: Kat Matutina

Handle: @pickpocketparty
Occupation: Trainer & Entrepreneur
Location: Los Angeles


Houston, TX

Who are You? 

I am Kat Matutina, also known as DJ Pickpocket or Mayumi Matutina. I am the founder of ASS CAMP, MAYUMI GOODS and MAYUMI SKIN. I was born in Houston but have been in California most of my life. I believe in making strength training fun and accessible and want to promote natural products for the body and skin.

YOS Set You Can't Live Without?

Heather grey stretch football leggings and matching training long sleeve. Great for an outdoor workout, grocery shopping, a walk, a hike, anything!

What's Your Go-To Healthy Snack or Meal?

Vegan sushi and asian salads are my fav things to eat!

What are Your 3 Morning Non-Negotiables?

1. Two Pints of Water First Thing

2. Herbal Tea

3. Superfood Smoothie

Who is Your Style Icon?

Diana Ross circa 60s and 70s mixed with Sade

Favorite Workout Song Right Now?

WERK! by Cookiee Kawaii

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