#MeetTheTeam: Kristina Ewing

Handle: @kristinaewing
Occupation: Group Fitness Instructor
Location: Los Angeles


Los Angeles, CA

Who are You? 

My name is Kristina Ewing, I am a group fitness instructor in Los Angeles and my motivation for training is just to work on getting as strong as possible. Leaving aesthetics out of it and working towards strength instead.

What is Your Go-To Year of Ours Style?

I love the football ribbed leggings in any sort of pastel color!

What are Your Top 3 Morning Routine Non-Negotiables?

Coffee. Workout. A big breakfast.

What's Your Go-To Healthy Snack or Meal?

When I die, bury me in Erewhon Buffalo cauliflower lol

YOS Set That You Can't Live Without?

The Anniversary Pink - BY FAR

Who is Your Style Icon?

I take a lot of inspiration from New York Fashion, I’m big into street style and love sneakers more than anything

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