Mid-week Inspiration: Amanda Li Paige

Handle: @amandapandapaige
Occupation: Model & Co-founder of @kirralife + @littlelunchcoffee
Location: Los Angeles

2020 taught us all to roll with the punches but also gave us a chance
to connect more deeply with nature.

My friends and I road tripped from Los Angeles and 9 hours later arrived in Utah for one of the biggest adventures this year. It was my first time on a
houseboat on Lake Powell where service was sparse-to-none, but the
views were perfect.

Similar to this year, group trips never always go as planned: ie.) Our
house boat broke down, our speed boat stopped working, and
occasionally there were too many opinions.

However, there is a way to finesse a group trip while taking in all
the adventures on this beautiful planet we live on.

Here's a few tips:
1) Organize and communicate to the group about what you have planned
so they feel at ease.
2) It’s super important to remember to have enough water when on a
houseboat. While being on the boat you often get caught up on the
adventure and forget to hydrate.
3) Make sure your group is playing on the same team. Lake Powell is
such a special place and there is no better way than to feel so small
in nature with friends –– presence is everything.

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