Mid-week Inspo with D'Ana Núñez, New York based multidisciplinary artist

Three Tips to Maintaining a Creative Tip by D'Ana Núñez

#1 MOVEMENT  When in a creative flow, I find it helpful to implement a lot of movement in my week especially when there’s a lot of deadlines to hit. Moving my body stimulates my brain and helps me maintain a flow that's both efficient and effective.

TIP #2 PREP YOUR WORKSPACE  Distractions are everywhere yet when you need to hone in, create an area in your home where it’s solely dedicated to what you’re working on and only having essential items on your desk. This way, you’re not inclined to drift off elsewhere.

TIP #3 TAKE A NAP  I’m the queen of naps and can attest to how much good it does your body because sometimes your body needs a quick reset in order to keep going.


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