In the spirit of launching our April collection, we asked some of our team captains to snap photos of themselves for our e-comm shoot. Our intent was to capture them in their natural surroundings and truly highlight their authentic selves. Get to know the women behind the photos and how they’re spending their days during quarantine.

Ribbed Bralette | Ribbed Football Legging


How are you occupying your weekends during quarantine?
I am teaching IG Live workouts, spending quality time with my sister and fiancé, relaxing, going on long walks/runs, cooking, and allowing myself the freedom to do absolutely nothing.

Best albums during quarantine
I can’t pinpoint a certain album, but here is a link to the playlist I have been playing on repeat –– it’s all super chill, happy vibes. Good mood tunes, you know?!

Three favorite Instagram accounts
@churchome helping to keep my heart grounded and light
@broccyourbody for all the meal inspo
@Arielle because she is just quite literally the funniest person alive


Marilyn Ribbed Crop | Ribbed Football Legging


Virtual celebrity workout buddy
JVN, Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye. NO ONE makes me smile as much as him. He is so positive and inspires the heck out of me –– he’s always dancing, moving and grooving. He is adventurous, lovable, hilarious, has better hair than I do and I would just love to teach him one of my dance cardio classes.

Do you mix-up your wardrobe at home –– if so, how?
I am currently in Chicago with basically 5 activewear outfits /3 sweat sets on rotation each day. Most of the clothes I have in Chicago with me are Year of Ours, my favorite. 

Lately, I have been mixing and matching the sets to spice up my looks for my IG lives. Typically, I will change out of my sweaty clothes into sweats, and then each night when making dinner, I try to look semi-presentable so I will maybe wear jeans and my mom’s sweatshirt from 1988. #QuarantineStyle

Best part about working out at home
Best part about working out at home is getting to do my own workouts. Each morning, I go live on my instagram with a variety of different types of workouts: dance cardio, sculpt, circuit training, and barre. It's honestly been really fun kicking my own ass while getting to provide my community on Instagram with free classes! Crazy how you can actually feel the energy of everyone working out together through the phone.


Ribbed Bralette | V Waist Biker Short


Go-to warm up workout
I’m currently doing DanceBody at home with my bala weights. New dances started this week so it challenges me mentally and physically.

Thoughts about social media 
I’ve actually made it point to stay as far away from it as possible. I have IG and I still upload content here and there, but I’ve been working full-time on some creative projects at home and tending to my plants in an excessive manner.

Three top films since you have been at home
“Queen and Slim” 


Veronica V Bra | Ribbed Jogger Legging


Three Tips on staying balanced

I did a virtual Zoom meditation with my friend Luna who is a sound therapist, @mindful.luna. It’s a bit different from real life, but I was able to meet  others from Chile, California, and Mexico all connected through a common goal to reduce our anxiety or stress towards this weird situation. 

Give yourself the same love you give others! Example: I’m doing FaceTime workout sessions with my clients and I forget to do my own workout. Working out is no longer for body goals, but a bit more about mental and emotional release of stress and anxiety. It’s self love for a healthy well being. It’s easier said than done, but I’m more self aware of it now.

Headspace app is my best friend. It’s what I need to do to take a step back from home workouts. I get overwhelmed sometimes with my to do list that I tend to forget how fun and exciting it really is if I stayed organized. Headspace allows me to calm my mind to organize what needs to get done. I literally just meditate for 1 minute or if I have time, 15 minutes.


Marilyn Ribbed Crop  | Ribbed Football Legging


Three favorite Instagram accounts

What does a day at home look like?
I wake-up at 8 a.m. (rose quartz under my pillow), wash up with my favorite Aveeno products, brush with Hello charcoal products, and get dressed in my favorite Year of Ours outfit!

I call to check on my family in Detroit, then have my favorite Hampton’s vanilla nut coffee with an organic apple. Throughout the day, I am preparing/ leading virtual privates for Tracy Anderson method, teaching live classes on Hot Pilates IG, and leading group dance, sculpt, and yoga Zoom classes on my personal website It brings me joy uplifting and motivating others with my gifts, especially during this time.

For dinner, I head to the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal for my roommates and myself (where weekly, I create a menu). During dinner, we talk, laugh, and usually watch something entertaining on Netflix.

I love to wind down by lighting candles, mediating calmly with my crystals close, reading "Coming Home to Who You Are," by David Richo, and praying for my loved ones and all of humanity.

What’s on your quarantine playlist?
90's R&B
Doja Cat
Jhene Aiko
Jess Lamarre
Oprah's “Super Soul Sunday”


Cross Back Bra | YOS Sport Legging


Favorite healthy (and comforting) dishes to cook 
Thai curry with vegetables
Vegan “Au gratin” with Japanese sweet potatoes 
Chunky vegetable soup with grilled bread

How are you occupying your weekends during quarantine?
I like to take my dog on walks in nature. My boyfriend and I are still working from home Monday - Friday, so on the weekends we sleep in, make brunch, try to get outside with my dog for a bit (with masks of course) and we have candle-lit dinner dates followed by movies in bed. Last Sunday, we had brunch on a picnic blanket in the middle of the living room. Sometimes, I work out, but I usually save that for the weekdays so I can fully relax on the weekend.

Best albums during quarantine
I haven’t really been listening to full albums, but I’ve been constantly updating a playlist I made with music to uplift moods during quarantine. It’s called “Feels Good

Also, my boyfriend and I just recorded a mix for our NTS radio show in the living room with calming and uplifting music too. Curating and mixing music is really therapeutic and I love sharing music with people.


Ribbed Bralette 2.0 | V Waist Biker Short


Virtual Celebrity workout buddy
J.Lo all the way

A day at home 
I have my morning coffee, check work emails, walk my two dogs, and possibly catch a live workout in the morning. After work, I always do my daily workouts with my trainer Lanier Oakley (through an app), watchTV or read a book and sleep. Repeat the next day!

Quarantine (work out) playlist
“Heartbreaker” by Mariah Carey
“Get ur Freak on” by  Missy Elliot
“Fitness” by Lizzo
“Yikes” by  Nicki Minaj
“What’s your Fantasy”  by Ludacris
“Go To Town” by Doja Cat
“Kream” by Iggy Azalea
“Clones” by Tierra Whack
“Tempo” by Lizzo, Missy Elliot
“Raingurl” by Yaeji


The Norma Dress


Tips on staying creative (with children too)
I think the best way to stay engaged is picking up hobbies that we used to love, but haven’t had time for,  ex. painting, drawing, dancing, cooking, and reading. These are all things I can do with my kid as well! We both get a lot of fun out of it and it keeps us creative and active.

What does a day at home look like?
I wake up to a full bed - dog, kid, stuffed animals, and husband. I then boil the kettle for warm lemon water, give my son some fruits and then (try) to journal. Then, I’ll prepare breakfast –– I love making various types of pancakes for my family and me. 

After that, I’ll usually set up an activity for my son while I tidy. Mid-day, I’ll pick from the following or do all the above: nap, Netflix, or a house project with lunch somewhere in between. I program a workout before I have clients. 

In the evening, we figure out dinner as a family (as in whose turn is it to cook, lol). I give my son a bath and then settle him to bed. Lately, I’ve been doing most of my personal workouts in the evening so after I put my son to sleep, I’ll do a workout, shower and then watch a program or play a card game with my husband! I also love a good night time tea to calm the evening. 

Three favorite Instagram accounts
@kenzieburke (for recipes and lifestyle inspo) 
@doyourumble (fam & great daily  workouts) 
@hotpilates (for great daily workouts) 


The Norma Dress


Virtual celebrity workout buddy
I would love to workout with Serena Williams because I feel she is a superhero and her glutes are amazing!

What does a day at home look like?
I wake up at 5:30 a.m. (trying to keep my same routine). I've become quite self sufficient, so I make my own coffee, then I make a juice with some ginger, apple, and celery, then grab my EarPods and run up and down the stairs in my building for about 30 minutes. 

I make my boyfriend train me virtually because he is stuck in the UK. Usually by 7 a.m. or 8 a.m., I start virtual training clients. I have been doing a free live workout on IG LIVE at 12 p.m. Monday - Friday with @yesjulz. 

I forgot to mention, in between training clients, I get about 15 interruptions! We are also homeschooling! After my lunch, I help Gianna with school work and then we take our dog for a long walk and learn to cook something new for dinner. At about 8 p.m., I hit up Netflix. I was feeling “Tiger King” a lot –– may even watch it again because it’s so funny.

Beauty tips to keep you feeling cute?
I’m not going to lie ––I’m really not feeling too cute because I don’t have my lashes or nails, but I took some time last week to put a hair mask on, and my skin is really glowing without makeup. I also spent one morning just curling my hair and taking pics. I even put on jeans, and it made me feel better. I go from PJs to workout clothes so I needed to switch it up! 


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