#TeamYOS Team Member - Diana
"My main focus when I started my fitness journey was to lose weight. Now, it's not only to continue to keep myself motivated, but to also help motivate others live a healthy/active lifestyle and create journeys of their own," Diana Mireles said.

Twenty seven-year-old Diana Karen Mireles was born and raised in Los Angeles and works for the clothing brand, Young and Reckless / Reckless Girls. But outside of work, her passion/favorite past time is running and collecting sneakers.

Diana started running about a year and a half ago because she was unhappy with herself, physically. After some months of running, she shed a little over 30 lbs. and running became a huge part of her life - a big motivator.

"Thanks to running, I've had some pretty awesome opportunities to work with brands like Nike, Adidas, Finishline and Six02," Diana said.

To help Diana in her running journey, she started signing up for races. "I completed my first half marathon this past October and will be running my first Marathon, the LA Marathon, on March 19th.

Diana's passion for sneakers began during her middle school years. "I remember begging my parents to buy me the latest kicks and to be quite honest, sneakers are the reason why I decided to start working at the age of sixteen. I didn't want my parents buying me sneakers," Diana said.

She now has over 200 pair of sneakers.

How long have you been running? Do you have a long-term running goal?
I started running August 1st, 2015 so it's been about a year and a half. My long term running goal is running two marathons a year.

Where is your favorite place to run?
My absolute favorite place to run is anywhere around downtown Los Angeles. There's nothing better than exploring my own city on foot or along the LA river for long runs.

We know you have a large shoe collection - any current favorites?
Yes! My favorite sneaker silhouette is the Nike Flyknit Racer. That is one of my go-to sneakers along with the Nike Prestos and Adidas Ultra Boost. My current favorite for running would be the Nike Structure 20 - they've been super comfortable for my marathon training.

What’s your go to post work out snack?
My post work out snack would have to be an Açai bowl! They're so yummy and filling!

What’s on your current play list?
My playlist varies depending on what music Is trending. Currently one of my most played songs is "Bad and Boujee" by Migos, "Both" by Gucci Mane & Drake, "Surfin'" by Kid Cudi and "Bounce Back" by Big Sean.

Any tips for new runners or people interested in starting to run?
Definitely let yourself be a beginner at first. Just like everything new, nothing comes easy at first. Your body has to get used to something in order for you to get better at it. If you continue to give up, you'll never get past the "beginners stage," so keep pushing and motivating yourself to get out, even on the days you don't feel like running because some of the best runs come from days when you don't feel like doing anything. Every run makes you better, so even if you didn't have a great run, it still served a purpose.