#TeamYOS Team Member Profile - Stella

Meet #TeamYOS member Stella, owner of Anchor Studio in Durham, NC. Stella has been practicing Pilates for 15 years and has been an instructor for 10 years where she first studied under the amazing Andie Hecker in LA before moving to NC and opening up her own fitness studio. 

Stella fuses the idea of “progress” into her workout regimen to get her pumped. The fact that she will only be getting better over time at whatever workout, sport or art she’s focusing on keeps it fun and purposeful. She's also keen to good workout wear that serves as a great motivator.

When Stella is in her groove of working out and pushing herself to new exercise heights, she likes to wear high-rise leggings and a sports bra or a leotard and sweatpants. For her, pants have to be super high and bras need to be comfy for all day long activity. She generally stays away from patterns or anything too loud (except leopard print). Oh, and she pretty much lives in vintage grey sweatshirts and as of late, the YOS ribbed sports bra.

Get to know more about Stella, including her travel inspirations, what's currently on her playlist and what her post snacks entail.

Favorite work-out aside from Pilates?
Depends on my mood - sometimes dance class or swimming and other times, I love a personal training session or some version of old school aerobics. I am all about mixing it up.

Favorite work out place?
My dream studio is New York Pilates (@newyorkpilates) - I try to go every time I visit! They have really great classes and they nailed the perfect vibe. In LA,  it’s the nonameworkout (@____workout) - she’s my mentor and my dear friend (BEST workout ever).

Favorite travel inspiration?
Current travel inspo - I'm spending time in Mexico this January. I'm excited to see what sort of workout fun I can make or find there!

Past travel workouts:
Puerto Rico - surfing
Wisconsin - swimming in giant lakes
Colorado - snowboarding

What is your favorite sport's influence?
My favorite sport to watch is basketball but aesthetically, l love a good baseball tee or football jersey. And mesh, what sport is that from? I love mesh…

What is your go to post workout snack?
I like apple slices with peanut butter or full fat greek yogurt and granola.

What's currently on your work-out playlist?
Frank Ocean, The New Lambchop, Chance the Rapper, Angel Olsen, Beach Boys, Graham Nash, etc...

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