#TeamYOS Team Member - Tajana
Meet #TeamYOS member - Tajana, a dancer for Beyonce! Originally from London, moved to Los Angeles two years ago when she realized it was the place to be for the next level of her career. Her plan worked as she was hired almost immediately by Beyonce. Beyond working with the Queen B, Tajana is also currently working on her own photography and videography projects. She knows her body may get slow and old one day and for when that day comes she plans to have the fundamentals down to work in creative direction.

What's your favorite work out other than dancing?
I LOVE yoga. Hot yoga to be specific. I love to sweat, and being able to stare myself down in the mirror helps me focus. I can feel every muscle in my body working when I do yoga. No better feeling than that.

What do you wear when you work out?
I love to wear a crop top/sports bra and leggings. When I can see my stomach it makes me engage my core more. Anything tight is good for me, so I can see what needs to be worked on lol.

Favorite place to work out?
I’m more of a studio/class person. I like to be surrounded by other people’s energy and loud music. I think I like a bit of healthy competition. Helps me push that little bit further!

What gets you pumped or motivated to work out?
Honestly, if I wake up early eat well it will make me want to continue the day that happy, and working out does put me in a better mood. You finish feeling like a different woman lol! So pretty much wake up in a good mood I’ll want to work out. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed and certainly not working out!

Who is your sport’s or dance influence?
I don’t think I’m influenced by a person. More so the lifestyle of people who are active. Just to be able to do something active and be paid for it, makes you want to outdo yourself. My body is my instrument, and not only do I have to take care of it I have to do it to a high standard because I’m also being paid. Pretty cool.

What’s your sport’s or dance influence?
I love jazz, that is my dance influence for sure. I love jazz music. Just makes me want to move.

What’s your Post workout snack?
I try to have a heavy juice, something that can sustain me until my next meal. My fave is kale, banana, cashew and agave! ☺

What is your favorite music to work out to?  What is on your current play list?
I don’t do High impact workouts I’m more of a pilates yoga kinda girl, I love this artist called SIR, 6lack or even Drake, mellow with a beat.