#TeamYOS Trainer Spotlight - Allissa Benson

Allissa Benson
Location: Denver, CO
Instagram: @allissa_Benson

Allissa is an instructor at High Ride Cycle, a spinning studio in Denver that combines cycling and strength training into one high-intensity workout. Growing up as a self-described "tomboy," Alissa's love for exercise evolved from playing basketball in the driveway, to staying in shape in college and now, as the means to achieve mental and physical strength.

What's your go-to form of exercise to combat stress?
This question is HUGE for me. I deal with chronic anxiety / depression, and have since a very young age. I have always ALWAYS used exercise as a form of relief. Really, any endorphin release. Growing up, group sports. For many years, running. Now, in my old age :), cycling! So good on joints, great cardio, great for the heart, great for the mind!

How did you first get interested in fitness?
I was the competitive tom-boy growing up. It started in the driveway with a rubber basketball, turned into multi-sport captain in high school, evolved into staying “in shape“ in college years, and has now morphed into a way of life. As I mentioned in the previous answer, fitness has become such a relief for me - such a mental release, a physical exertion, a test of grit - and I've come to the point that it's no longer "work" for me. Rather, it enables me to be WHO I want to be: Competitively, mentally, physically, attitudinally (is that a word?). Everything.

What are your top health and wellness goals for 2019? Any advice for others trying to set some of their own?
My goal for 2019 is to EVOLVE. As humans, we have the choice to either repeat or evolve. We can either find comfort in routine or we can find comfort in being uncomfortable. Set high aspirations. Get up. Work hard. Fail. Stand back up. Face it again. Do a little better. Fail again. Get back up. THEN repeat. Always something more to learn, always room to grow. Ever-evolve.

Tell us more about yourself:
My most profound learning of 2018, was realizing the opportunity that lies outside our comfort zones. 2018 was one of my most “uncomfortable” years (see previous Q&A). My advice to others is to step out into the unknown, and - while you’re there - take a look around. What’s out there waiting for you? You might just find your life’s passion - like I did.