#TeamYOS Trainer Spotlight - Jessica Harvey

Jessica Harvey 
Location: North Carolina
Instagram: @jkharve

Jessica is a personal trainer who attributes her commitment to health and fitness to her two daughters. When she’s not working out with clients, she’s doing hot yoga, cycling and enjoying the great outdoors.

What's your daily diet like?
I have been following intermittent fasting for over 2 years. I usually eat between 12pm-9pm everyday. I eat pretty clean overall with an emphasis on high protein, low carb and healthy fats but I don’t count macros. I love food and the experience of good meals so if I want it, I eat it.

What's your go-to form of exercise to combat stress?
Any and all of it. Whether it’s an intention focused hot yoga class, a high intensity sweat fest at Burn, or a good old fahsined pick things up and put them down stress reliever - I like it all and utilize it daily!

How did you first get interested in fitness?
I was an athlete through high school and continued at Clemson University as a track & field athlete where I competed in the heptathlon.

What are your top health and wellness goals for 2019? Any advice for others trying to set some of their own?
Definitely making hot yoga a main medium of workout. I feel better when I stay committed to it and my overall fitness is improved by working on my flexibility, ability to focus and connect my breathe to the movement. I started “meatless Monday’s” in 2018 and would like to further explore using plant based options as fuel. Continuing to involve my kids in as many movements activities as possible. They are not vessels to be filled but fires to be lit!