#TeamYOS Trainer Spotlight - Lauren Arps

Lauren Arps 
Location: Los Angeles, CA 

Lauren is an instructor at Hot 8 Yoga in the Koreatown and Pasadena neighborhoods of Los Angeles. She received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification in India, and has been working as a group trainer for more than 4 years.

What's your daily diet like?
I love having giant salads with a a ton of ingredients like blueberries, artichokes, grape tomatoes, and beets with a tuna or salmon fillet and quinoa! I workout multiple times a day so I add in at least 2 protein shakes too!

What's your go-to form of exercise to combat stress?
Yoga, it reconnects me to my breath and allows me to listen to myself, if only for a moment.

What are some of your favorite songs/artists to listen to when getting psyched up for a workout?
Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis, French Montana, Diplo, Rihanna, Rick Ross to name a few!

What are your top health and wellness goals for 2019? Any advice for others trying to set some of their own?
To continue to live a light healthy and energetic lifestyle! Try not to find crash diets, rather then giving yourself a healthy eating "time limit" make a lifestyle change. There is no reason you shouldn't enjoy feeling fit and healthy, fins workouts you love and learn to make delicious healthy food, its easier than you think! The best thing you can ever do it surprise yourself!